The Clash - Friday Night/Saturday Morning

This is a live recording from the Clash's "Busking" tour. Basically, after Mick and Topper had been dumped, Joe said he wanted to get back in touch with his rock and roll roots. So the Clash mark II went on a tour across the UK with acoustic guitars and played in parks.
I found this bootleg CD in a record store in New York a while back. It includes two of these busking performances with a nice mix of Clash songs. The sound quality varies from song to song because it was clearly recorded by an audience member with a tape recorder.
As always, for more info on this stuff consult the Black Market Clash website.

The Clash - Friday Night/Saturday Morning


More Slackjaw

Here's some more Slackjaw. This post includes the three songs they did on a six-way split CD put out by Asbestos. Two of these songs are my favorite Slackjaw songs ever (I'll let you guess which ones). If I remember correctly, this split was supposed to happen years before it actually did, but things got held up and it ended up coming out as a double CD. The first disc was a compilation called "Better Late Than Never" and the second was this split. The other bands were Saveface, Endless Mike, Sometimes She Burns, Tastes Like Burning and Morgan Storm. Slackjaw are the real highlight for me.
The last track I threw on is from what I think was their first release--a live CD-R called "Live on Three Legs." This song was also featured on one of the first Asbestos comps. It's a great version with some funny banter and a few lyrics altered from the CD version.
Also, I happened to stumble on a myspace made by the band after their demise which is right here. It has an official band bio. And the band they formed after breaking up (Kennesaw) are right here.

Slackjaw - More Stuff


Dillinger - Cokane in My Brain

I've been grooving on this for the past few days. Classic Jamaican toaster deejay reggae. This is the 7" single with two songs on the b-side.
Like a lot of people, I first heard of this guy when the Clash name dropped him in "(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais." So that's one point in his favor already. Also, I guess this song is in one of the Grand Theft Auto games?
Be warned: You will be hooked on the first listen.

"A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork -- That's the way we spell New York."

Dillinger - Cokane in My Brain
Dillinger Wikipedia Page


Chumbawamba - First 2

Here is the CD collection of Chumbawamba's first 2 LPs.

Tracks 1-10 are from their first LP, "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records." Here's what the band says about the record on their website:
"Despite having a big backlog of songs ready to record for this first album, all the lyrics were quickly re-written and re-worked in the light of the "Live Aid" spectacle which took place a few weeks before recording began. A concept album!"

The last 8 tracks are from the second LP, "Never Mind the Ballots." Again, from the Chumba website:
"Released against a background of the British General Elections; stretching the "concept" theme by making one song last an entire side. Not quite side 2 of Abbey Rd."

This CD was put out by Agit-Prop in 1992. It's been out of print for a while now, but I found a copy at a thrift store a couple years back where I bought it for a dollar. You can imagine how excited I was. These records are timeless and "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records" is (rightly) considered a classic by most Chumba fans.

Chumbawamba - First 2

Chumbawamba - Revolution EP

Okay, it's about time I upped some Chumbawamba (after all, I lifted the name of this blog from one of their songs). This is their first official release which came out on the band's self-run Agit-Prop Records in 1985. I didn't rip this myself and I can't remember where I first acquired the mp3s to give proper credit, but it's been on my hard drive forever and it fucking slays. Chumbawamba came out of the anarcho-punk/Crass scene in England (they actually appeared on Crass Records' classic Bullshit Detector comps) and went on to experiment with dance and folk music while still retaining their anarchist spirit in the songs. This EP is about the most straight-forward "punk rock" they've ever sounded. I highly recommend this band's entire catalogue (especially the first 2 LPs).
Chumbawamba - Revolution EP
Official Website


The Clash - Live in Jamaica 1982

This is a live set from the Clash. It was recorded at the Bob Marley Center in Kingston, Jamaica on November 27, 1982. This one has been bootlegged countless times with a ton of different names, such as "From London to Jamaica," "Jamaica Affair" and "Death or Glory LP." Some of the versions I've seen floating around are missing the last track (I Fought the Law), but this one has all 17 songs intact. This is the best Clash bootleg I've ever heard, hands down; not only for the great quality (soundboard), but also for the set list. It's a great mix of their reggae-influenced tracks and you can really feel the heat of the Caribbean in their performance. Hell, this is worth having just for the over-7-minute-long version of "Straight to Hell." So sit back, light one up, and enjoy the Clash at the height of their tragically short career. Also, check this website for more info on this and all other Clash boots.
The Clash - Live in Jamaica 1982


The Ergs! - Live in Wallingford

Here's a live set from the now-defunct Ergs! while they were on tour with For Science. This band should need no introduction. The recording is from a show at the Wallingford American Legion in Wallingford, CT on March 30, 2008. It was a daytime show which was kind of weird, but the Ergs! tore shit up. The quality of the recording is quite good (not soundboard, but clear enough to enjoy) and it's a great selection of songs.
Credits: Recorded by Chris Zizzamia. And I split up the tracks in Garageband for easier listening.
Fun fact: When Joey Erg starts talking about the asshole factory, he's referring to a song by my band, Angleworm (we opened the show). It really made my year. Also, they closed with "Linoleum" by NOFX which is rad.

Here's the setlist:
Blah Blah Fuck You Blah
Kind of Like Smitten
Jazz is Like the New Coke
Bike Shoppe
Extra Medium
Every Romance Language
Most Violent Rap Group/Pray for Rain
Saturday Night Crap-o-Rama
See Him Again
...and the True Believers
Piltdown Man
Books About Miles Davis
Everything Falls Apart (and More)
Linoleum (NOFX Cover)

The Ergs! - Live in Wallingford


Slackjaw - Self-Titled

Slackjaw was the best so-cal punk band from outside of California (Connecticut, in fact). This is their only full-length album released by Asbestos Records back in the day. The band broke up around the same time I started going to shows (2000-ish), but I bought this CD and listened to it more than any other local band. Some of the members reformed under the name Kennesaw, but they've been broken up for a while now too. I was told a while back that they reformed under another new name, but I never heard anything much beyond that. It's not re-inventing the wheel, but Slackjaw were great at crafting catchy skate-punk anthems that sounds like something straight outta 1994. Maybe I'll upload the rest of what I have some other time.
Slackjaw - "Self-Titled"


Ape Up! - Tour Demo 2009

I saw these dudes on tour with Algernon Cadwallader (of which they include ex-members) at the beginning of the summer. While I'm not hugely into the twinkly bullshit, I really liked their set and I decided to pick up a demo CD-R. Man, was that a good move. Since then I've listened to this thing non-stop. It's great punk rock with an early-90's emo vibe. Think "Bivouac"-era Jawbreaker, but faster.
Ape Up! - Tour Demo 2009