Slackjaw - Self-Titled

Slackjaw was the best so-cal punk band from outside of California (Connecticut, in fact). This is their only full-length album released by Asbestos Records back in the day. The band broke up around the same time I started going to shows (2000-ish), but I bought this CD and listened to it more than any other local band. Some of the members reformed under the name Kennesaw, but they've been broken up for a while now too. I was told a while back that they reformed under another new name, but I never heard anything much beyond that. It's not re-inventing the wheel, but Slackjaw were great at crafting catchy skate-punk anthems that sounds like something straight outta 1994. Maybe I'll upload the rest of what I have some other time.
Slackjaw - "Self-Titled"

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