Chumbawamba - First 2

Here is the CD collection of Chumbawamba's first 2 LPs.

Tracks 1-10 are from their first LP, "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records." Here's what the band says about the record on their website:
"Despite having a big backlog of songs ready to record for this first album, all the lyrics were quickly re-written and re-worked in the light of the "Live Aid" spectacle which took place a few weeks before recording began. A concept album!"

The last 8 tracks are from the second LP, "Never Mind the Ballots." Again, from the Chumba website:
"Released against a background of the British General Elections; stretching the "concept" theme by making one song last an entire side. Not quite side 2 of Abbey Rd."

This CD was put out by Agit-Prop in 1992. It's been out of print for a while now, but I found a copy at a thrift store a couple years back where I bought it for a dollar. You can imagine how excited I was. These records are timeless and "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records" is (rightly) considered a classic by most Chumba fans.

Chumbawamba - First 2

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