Chumbawamba - Revolution EP

Okay, it's about time I upped some Chumbawamba (after all, I lifted the name of this blog from one of their songs). This is their first official release which came out on the band's self-run Agit-Prop Records in 1985. I didn't rip this myself and I can't remember where I first acquired the mp3s to give proper credit, but it's been on my hard drive forever and it fucking slays. Chumbawamba came out of the anarcho-punk/Crass scene in England (they actually appeared on Crass Records' classic Bullshit Detector comps) and went on to experiment with dance and folk music while still retaining their anarchist spirit in the songs. This EP is about the most straight-forward "punk rock" they've ever sounded. I highly recommend this band's entire catalogue (especially the first 2 LPs).
Chumbawamba - Revolution EP
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